Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Characters coming alive.

I would love to write a cozy mystery.
I like the genre, I think I understand the basic formula and I've had some pretty good ideas lately.
The question is:
What to do about the characters?
I read a mystery writer's web site and she said her characters push their way "on stage" in her imagination and demand to be heard. They insist on being listened to.
What if my characters are shy?
What if they have stage fright?
What if they need to be coaxed along?

How do I coax them out and give them a self-confident voice?


  1. Mingle*****
    write your mystery.
    I like your new blog. it is upbeat.
    one thing! Do not steal my character, Colt Brandisher. OK?

  2. A shy mystery solver? not happening! Quirky mystery solver? happening!!!!