Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The advantages to not throwing up...

I have been so sick for the last week.
It started when I decided to do the responsible thing and make an appointment for a physical which I missed this year in the midst of breaking my ankle and in the middle of my Seasonal Affective disorder.
I just wasn't in the mood to see any doctors.
But last week, I was feeling better and I decided that it would be the responsible, adult thing for me to do so I stopped by my doctor's office to make an appointment.
HUGE mistake.
It seems that anywhere I am, if there is a foreign bug floating around it will attack me and I will get sick as a dog.
So....I go to my doctor's office and I get sick.
I was a little off for a couple of days last week and I thought I was getting better.
Until Monday.
Hubby suggested we go to lunch and take Cookie to the park for a while.
I said fine.
Ugh ugh ugh.
It wasn't "fine".
We had Mexican for lunch.
I ate most of it but I was getting sicker and sicker as the day went on.
I was dizzy and nauseous.
It was awful.
We made it to the park but only stayed for about 30 minutes.
I felt horrible.
And this was all GI stuff.
Upset stomach, the whole thing.
But throwing up was NOT an option.
It was a struggle but I did NOT want to start that.
But there are definite advantages to not throwing up.
I was sick and miserable for two full days.
I was hardly able to get out of bed.
I felt horrible.
Finally, this morning, I felt a bit better.
I HAD to take a shower.
I HAD to do some laundry.
I HAD to wash my hair.
I had some toast and coffee.
I am going to go out for about an hour this morning.
Maybe some fresh air will help.

People say I get sick too much.
I've never thought that.
Other people just never seem to get sick.
So when I do, they view it as a crisis.
'I just view it as an opportunity for a virulent bug to ambush me.

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