Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Overload

A week ago, a month ago, Haiti never crossed anyone's mind.'
Now we are tripping over ourselves to get out there and help.
Where was all that "help" before?
A few tireless missionaries trying to make things better in a miserable place?
Think what they could have done with even one million dollars BEFORE all this happened.
It is a tragedy.
These individuals do not deserve this kind of disaster.
But as a society it is a slum and a cesspool.
And it is also a show for CNN.
They go where the death and destruction is and they play it for the cameras.
Anderson Cooper in a tight T-shirt and jeans?
How many times do we have to see Sanjay Gupta "treat" that little baby?
Haiti is a slum and a cesspool.
Maybe if they just had a stable government, a decent economy, a functioning infrastructure and a society that is not internally corrupt. they would be better off.

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